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9to5 Appliances, is part of PC Verge Inc., a leading authority on all things tech. Our reviews and expert opinions cover everything from lifestyle gadgets, bring our audience up to speed with the latest developments and news in laptops, desktops, HDTVs, monitors, printers, iPads, tablets, smartphones and home appliances.

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On a typical cold evening drive, two friends engaged in some random talk on how appliances make the world easier. To beat the 216-mile distance ahead of them, they kept pondering over the role of tech gadgets in homes and how they’re changing lives; whether you’re fixing a delicious meal on your gas cooktop, doing laundry in your washer and dryer, staring at the contents of your refrigerator or giving your lawn the perfect manicure.

The common narrative was that appliances make life more enjoyable and convenient. That’s how 9to5 Appliances came to see light-of-day, first as an Appliances Section in the popular PC Verge, and later as a standalone site, as a response to our readers’ requests to have dedicated reviews for home appliances.

Apparently, deciding on the perfect appliance for your home can be a timely, costly and often tough decision, which drives many shoppers to engage in lengthy research prior to making their first purchase. However, with the many websites doing the reviews, some opinionated, some subjective, the whole process becomes daunting and overly exhausting.

At 9to5 Appliances, our staff of reviewers and editors, each have a specialized portfolio of products and services, and they consistently research the market place and identifies the trends to enable you make the best choices.

We focus on identifying the needs of buyers, through which we develop unbiased, credible and thorough product analysis and review, through which we advise on why you should care…or not care about a product.

As such, we strive to track and analyze the latest home appliances technology breakthrough and demonstrate to you the latest trends, consumer products that matter, and how technology can enrich your life. Additionally, our expert reviewers’ advice will help you make smart choices on what to buy and how to get the most out of tech in your life.

Have a nice read, as you make smart choice in accessorizing your home.

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